January 28th, 2018


Back to winter, version 2.1

SO now we're into the last of the January thaw. back to the cold and snowy winter we go.
Here's a first: instead of watching TV on a saturday night, I played "Skyrim". enjoyed every minute of it. or should i say hours.  I did manage to sneak in "Star Trek Beyond", but i had been meaning to watch that for some time.
So today, cold, sunny Sunday, I have NO SNOW to shovel. YAY. well, at least for now.  I also took a trip down memory lane by checking out the princes for airline tickets and hotel rooms in Japan. WOW!  Talk about inflation! almost doubled! Of course, I'm looking to book a hotel room for 10 days and a round way air fair. Not cheap. i'm using Ortbiz and they seem to be the Cheapest  But like i said, i was just looking.
I have oodles of house work to do. and yard work. Good thing too. I need the exercise. I've lost the pounds, i need to increase my muscles, something i haven't done seen college days and beyond. it works great for my arthritis too.
ok, time to hug the cat.
I'm off
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