January 26th, 2018


YAY. It's TGIF. and we're in for a 3rd January thaw.

Well today starts a good warming trend, that may last till next Friday. Then, back in the deep freeze for another 3 weeks. So much for ground hog day.
So now i get to decide what size jeans i'm going to get.  Money's dear, so maybe I'll just try a smaller size.  losing weight is good for your health, but not necessary good for your wallet. Your "Big" clothes don't fit anymore. My belt is at its limit in holes and no, i'm not going to punch a hole in it. It's my wolverine belt from the X-men.
Well, if thats all i have to worry about, i've got nothing to worry about, do i.
Yesterday i made up for all the past days scooter the cat got me up early. I woke up, fed the critters, and then made my breakfast. I then sat in the livingroom chair. I promply fell asleep. for 5 hours!  But i needed it. cats. outdoor critters. if it aint one thing, its another.
ok, go have fun over the warm weekend.
I'm off
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    Happy Days are here again.