January 21st, 2018


YAY. it's warm, thawing out Sunday.

and thawing out it is. drip drip drip. the ice is thining out and falling off the house. But never fear. Yes, the cold and snow will make a return. Winter is not over.
Another day that the cat let "us" sleep in. Yay the cat!  Of course, he also wanted to sit in my favorite chair. the rascal. So today begins the clean the boxes off the front porch. I can tear them apart without fearing of freezing my fingers off.  So, i can also watch "Super Mansion", Bubble Guppies and Peppa pig. its nice to have a choice of what to watch on TV.
So begins the almost last full week in January. Yay us.  That means we're 90 days closer to spring and warm temps. Not hot sticky temps, but warm.
ok time to go work.
I'm off
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