January 16th, 2018

happy me

See, I'm Happy when the cold is leaving.

Well, the cold is leaving for a little while, but winter still will be around. Today is Happy Laundry day. "YAY". There's nothing more pleasing than to carry a basket full of stinky clothes. YAY. I can watch the machine beat the dirt out of the shirts and pants.  I wish i could share this with you all.  or not.
I'm excited due to the recycle folks tipped the cart. YAY. Now, i can fill it up again?  it's a vicous cycle.
i have to get off the stick and plan the material i'll include in the newsletter. decidsions..oh well.
I did manage to shovel a tad yesterday, before my fingers felt like they were gettig frozen. I can't believe all the gloves i have don't protect me from frezing temps.
well, time to start the spin-o=matic ( the washing machine).
YAY me. I'm having way too much fun.  I'll share!
I'm off
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