January 13th, 2018


See, tachcome is still smiling at us.

Thats because he's indifferent to temperatures. Thursday it got up to 58 degrees. Today, 14! ok?
So the snow is kind of falling, but its still beuatiful outside.
Yes, i did shovel a tad yesterday, but stopped due to very slippery conditions. Talk about black ice! It looked like sidewalk, but wasn't. it was thinly covered with ice.
Glad i spent so much time Thursday breaking apart the ice and snow pack at the bottom of the driveway.
So, here we are. TGIF's day after. Saturday. YAY. the cat let me sleep in a whole half hour. Yay cat.
It is now day 3 that the city hasn't came by to re-dump my recycle cart. I'm pretty sure the lift arms on the truck knocked over my cart and spilled a few coffee cans and an empty box of minute rice. I called the city right away when i realized what happened. They would back and empty it. That was Thursday. Nada. So i waited till Friday afternoon, and called again. Sure, they'll come out and empty it. Here it is Saturday and yes they work on Saturday. again, nada.
this is i waited 3 weeks while they installed a new device to sort shipping cartons out of the stream.
I guess I'll wait and call again Tuesday if they don't come today.
oh well.
I'm off
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