January 9th, 2018


The Dragons are still flapping their leather wings over Skyrim.

A sad note to start the entry. " Ray Thomas, the fluist of the Moody Blues, passed away yesterday at age 76. I was hoping I could have actually seen them in concert one time."

But I'm taking the dragons down, one by one. So here I am, we are, night two of cat in heat trying to get to my boy scooter. She won't give up. Little does she know Scooter isn't a fully functioning male anymore. So with little sleep, again, I woke up and discovered my very expensive LED light bulb had died!  Not funny. They're supposed to last a lot longer than the incadence bulbs. This one hasn't heard that apparently.
So off to order some more. Yay.
So today, being Happy go lucky Tuesday, is starting out, yuckie like.  I'll wait and see. I have a lot to do yet today.
ok, I'm off
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    the sound from the furnace.