January 5th, 2018


Finally got over bad food i ate Tuesday. Ghoat head cheese with

philidelphia cheese and a whole peck of seasoning. Boy, did i get sick. fever, chills, the whole thing. But i am much better now. That didn't stop me from going outside and shoveling the driveway and putting the trash cart out.  Today, I have to widen the driveway and bring the cart back. YAY me. and we go grocery shopping this afternoon and then, ready for this, a club meeting tonight. If it aint one thing......
But it's much better to be busy and accomplish stuff than to just sit at home. ( thats easy for me to say, right now it's -4 below zero)
ok, time to get going.
It's TGIF. have fun this weekend.
I'm off
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    the sound from the furnace.