January 2nd, 2018


Ah, a return to Week day cartoons.

Yes, "Peppa Pig" and " Paw Patrol". The new standard in "Toons". Here we are, On January 2, 2018.  I thought it was a miracle we got to 2000!   I never thought I'd be one of a hand full of people who would remember " Ruff and Ready"  With Professor Gizmo!
Today is busy Tuesday. laundry, shovel driveway, ( try too, anyway) net tonight and decide what to fix for dinner.  My neighbor made some Delicious Goat cheese log! Yum. and a box of Wheat thins!
The Flu is going around over here, and luck me, i had my flu shot.
ok, time to get busy.
Happy Belated New Years. Stay warm. Stay safe.
I'm off
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