January 1st, 2018

happy me

This is the way to greet 2018.." HAPPY NEW YEARA"

I'm all joyous and happy. 2017 is behind us and now we can all start fresh once again. YAY US.
I spent last night watching "Peppa Pig" and "Paw Patrol".  These are just a few of the interesting shows that were on last night.  The local station, had a "Yoga" program for sale, for only $19.95 ( three payments total) a month. The other channel had a prison reality program on. YAY. This is the right way to start off 2018, right?
So today, I'll do nothing, except watch the New Your Rangers Hockey team play at 1pm. YAY Me.
I hope they keep the head coach of the Lions. Fire the GM instead!
Ok, Happy 2018 everybody. May your life be full of life and love and of course, Joy.
I'm off
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    Happy Days are here again.