December 18th, 2017


it's raining?? what gives..

So this is how the weather is going to behave from now on?   I hope not. At lease my feral cats made it through last weeks artic temps.
on a lighter note. Christmas is 7 days from now. And we'll all find out if we've been good boys and girls, or had fun?
But before then, i have oodles of cardboard to rip up and shovel out my driveway. yuckie poo.
I had a meow kitty night. Scooter the cat kept talking to me or the out side critters all night long.  Maybe it was to tell me it had started to rain outside?
well, it's a soggy day for sure.
I watched "Logan" Saturday night. This is probably the best X-Men film made.  I also watched Warcraft and need to watch it again.
Yes, Paw Patrol was in there too. If you ever get sick or spongebob square pants, try Paw Patrol.
ok, time to get soggy by shoveling. yuck
I'm off
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