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December 3rd, 2017

You get the idea. Santa Claus is really coming to town, and maybe already be here. I hope he doesn't spend too much time checking the list who's been naughty or had a good time.
I watched "kong, Skull Island"  last night. it was different, and i really loved the ending to it.  Just watch it through to the very end of the credits, or you'll miss it.
Today is do the club minutes. YAY me. Just what i want to do: listen to the whole meeting over again. But, it is a cold day, so what the heck.  I'm now watching season 5 of "DragonBall". Goku grows up! and how.
Today at 7AM, on Blue Lake, WBLV, they had an hour long radio show on the independance of Finland: 1917 to 2017. Yay Finland.  I really need to visit that country and see where my roots and possible family may have come from.
Ok, Keep warm and be safe.
I'm off