December 2nd, 2017



The weekend before the "BIG SNOW=COLD TEMP" Week. Well, starting Wednesday, anyway.
Had good time last night at the club meeting. It's nice to see new and old friends. Now if this can only happen at the next weeks club meeting.
Really surprized myself last night at dinner. I ordered a  chicken friend steak with bashed potatos and country road gravy. Yum. I ate everything except the brocoli. Drats!  I did so want to eat those too. But after losing so much, everything has strunk so much, i can't eat like i used to. drats again.
oh well. I'm about to walk up to the avenue and get some eggs: be prepared. You don't know what the road conditions are going to be like by next weekend.
So, here i go. Be safe but have a ball.
I'm off

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