November 29th, 2017


June in November??

yuck. this is no way to begin winter. The city's skating rink is melted, for now. But it may be froze over, by Christmas?   Had many surprizes last night. Received goodies from an old and dear friends' son. Man, has he ever grown!  Now I know I'm getting older. All or most of the children that lived around my neighborhood, are married or already have their own families!  Time flys.
So, where's my S.N.O.W.?????
This is the pits. Feels more like early September.
But on the good side, addressed about a dozen or so envelopes yesterday and had Mr.Mailman post them for me.  This hurring up putting out a newsletter with timed events is the pits too.
I need to make a nice format and keep it just for the newsletter. Maybe I'll work on that today.
Talking about computing, it's almost time to replace Thor, my desktop PC. it's about 11 years old and I'm thinking should i really trust it that much. My experience with PC's is when they die, they die quickly. I don't need to loose any data.
Ok, I'm off
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