November 24th, 2017


This should be TGIF. But for me its sad Friday.

My friends sister passed away yesterday morning after falling down on Monday. She was 82 years young. So tomorrow i have a Funeral Mass to go to. Not a happy way to end a great Thanksgiving. My neighbor created a salad with goat cheese, strawberries and spinach. Don't make a face. it was yummy.
We had her beef stew and apple pie and cranbetties mixed with grapes. yum.
So till i got home, it was a great Thanksgiving.
Now today, is Black Friday and also the day i go grocery shopping. oh boy!  Should i take an asprin now or wait till i get hom?
Another good news last night: my pal fixed my crusfix. YAY.
ok, i'll be slinenced now.
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