November 14th, 2017


it's laundry Tuesday. Yuck.

But it has to be done. Getting clothes clean is time consumming, but it's nice to wear nice smelling stuff. And of course, i have the newsletter to compile today. Hey, people are actually contributing to it this time around. YAY US.
I decided to try out "Fallout 4". Again. i  got killed too many time by insects and ugly looking raiders. But they updated the game so it is nicer now. Don't get me wrong, i'm still getting killed, but in nice ways, not by machine gun or flame throwers. I guess thats an improvement.
I  saw an opportunity to treat some friends of mine in a nice way. So i did. I hope i made the right decidsion. I'll know by tomorrow.
Ok, off to do the laundry. yuck.
I'm off
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