November 1st, 2017

green plumkin

So my next icon will be "The BIrd?"

Yup. What a dismal Halloween. Not only didn't any one stop by for candy, I didn't hear the all familiar , " Trick or Treat" being yelled. But like i said before, there is only 4 or 6 pre-school kids in the neighbor, and I didn't see any of them.  Good thing I didn't buy any candy. If i had, i'd be wearing it by now. and for the next year too!
We also had snow yesterday. it's quiet falling woke me up. ah....nothing like the first snow fall of the season. it's beautiful and it melts fast too. YAY. no shoveling.......yet !
I had a surprise visiter last night, my pal stopped by so i could give him his bag of treats.  Now he'll gain all the weight i just avoided. YAY me again.
ok, time to roll out the carts.
I'm off
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