October 29th, 2017

green plumkin

"Happy Birthday to rachelmanija "

Wow, it seems just like yesterday I read your article on visiting Japan. It sure opened my eyes how to visit and see that country. "Thank You".
Today is it's almost starting to look like Christmas.  Almost. we're missing the accumilated snow, and the month is all wrong. But we're headed in the right direction. Yay. no more 93 degree days. Now, winter is falling fasat on us. Yay again. if it starts to snow today, I'll jump on my table and do a Happy Dance.
Today is relaxing Sunday. Eat breakfast, do my blogs and read the Sunday paper. Then, just goof off or do some work on the club stuff. ah...Life is good.  Wednesday is a day of obigation: All souls and all saints day. YAY. my two favorite days.
Ok, another cup of coffee and let the cat jump down from my lap: he jumped up and almost fell asleep on my lap while i petted him. ah, cats.
I'm off
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