October 27th, 2017

green plumkin

Hey, it's TGIF! YAY.. The last weekend in October.

Yes sir. re bob. We're entering the last few days of a yuckie month.  94 degree days, 32 degree nights.  And thats how we say, GOODBYE. Welcome November, the month Turkey's made. But first, we have to get through the trick and treaters.  I can remember when it snowed before on Halloween, but wow, what a way to close out the month.
Yay, laundry day and grocery day. ok boy. I can't wait.  Trying to avoid the electric carts in the grocery store,  Staying away from the sales items. ( notice nobody forms a line at the cat food and litter shevles?)
So it will be an interesting day.
go out and have fun this weekend.
I'm off  BOO
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