October 25th, 2017

green plumkin

It stopped raining. Now its snowing up in the U.P.!

I love mysteries. especially when it comes to what the weather will be like. From one moment, day, hour to the next. You know you have problems with forecasting when you can make a forecast thats good for 6 hours!
So while the clouds are shining their grey silver sun shine, I'll roll out the cart and then make up my mind if i want to walk up to the avenue and go to Kingmas for eggs. Yes, you read right. I'll walk a mile for a camel and i'll walk two miles for eggs!
Poor trick and treaters. a high posibility of snow and cold temperatures. How cold? enough so I'll roll up the garden hose and store it for the winter!   a 50 degree temperature drop since 3 weeks ago!
ok, I'm off
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    the hum of the furnaces fan