October 19th, 2017

green plumkin

So how much candy are you going to give out?

Me, I'll be holding the scooter the cat while watching " The thing from another world". The original. Love that fast paced banter between characters. Now that was genius.
So here we are, on Happy Thursday. Happy because I'm almost finished with raking the back yard of branches. YAY me. Now i have three carts sitting on the curb. But I may have to mow the lawn once more. Maybe.
Now I'm deciding if i should have brown rice, wild rice or white rice for dinner. I wanted to try something different. but 45 minute cooking time!!  and an electric rice cooker isn't that much faster.  So why all the rush?  Because I"m hungry and am losing weight. I get terribly hungry in the middle of the afternoon. I only eat breakfast, then nothing till supper time. And I do mean nothing. But it does pay off. This is good while I come up with what foods i want to switch to.  I mean, there's nothing wrong with the three food groups: grease,salt and sugar. But they're not too healthy for us.
Ok, I'm off
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