October 17th, 2017

green plumkin

It's Happy Tuesday..or, lets do the laundry day. "YAY"

Well you know I'm retired when i get excited by planing on doing the laundry.  "Watch me do a Happy Dance on a table".  Ok, maybe not that excited, but close to it.  Today is dry out Tuesday. That means no mowing the lawn or raking the leafs in the back yard ( not from my trees).
So yesterday, with the rain and cold temps ( a drop from 93 degrees to 49 degrees within a week is cold to me), I got involved with SKyRim again. They really added to it for the PS-4 version.  I'm going on new quests and new bad dudes.  It surely keeps me on my toes. A good RPG is always a great way to use your brain.
ok, time to start laundry collection. I just emptied the cats litter box.  Which reminds me I've got to find screws and retension the belt in the vacuum cleaner. ah nuts...
Ok, I'm off
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