October 16th, 2017

green plumkin

now that was rain.

luckiely, we'll dry out by next Sunday. Maybe. Now the lawn definetly will need cutting. But it's going to have to be a tad warmer first.  I spent my Sunday reading the newspaper, or should i say, flyer. Because its that small now days.
I removed the AC from the window, only to get the window lock stuck. Had to get the kitchen stand so i could reach the stupid pin. Then it wouldn't come out. But, with the right word choice, it gently slid out.  I was cleaning out the corner where i store the AC till next spring, and found my disk of WIndows ME operating system. Wow, from 2000!  17 years later. No, I did not install it.
So here we are, on BLUE Monday, with no washing to be done. YAY US.
  I rode up to Walgreens with my neighbor. She walked her dog and saw two deers in the cemetary. thats only 4 blocks from my house. They must be hungry or its runting season.
Maybe us humans should adopt runting as a mating ritual. We males could grow antlers and bang our heads together to impress the females. While they look on in total amusment.
ah. Jung was right: " if you look inside, your dreaming, if you look outside, your awake".
I'm off
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