October 15th, 2017

green plumkin

Boo... But the wind gusts were scarier last night.

I thought for sure we'd lose a tree or two. and its still raining. YAY for the rain, boo for the wind.  I got boggled up doing stuff i really didn't want to do. like writting my favorite graphic processing company. It all started because I didn't take the time to read their posting.  But all is striaghted out now.
I also saw a film yesterday afternoon that kind of caught my eye, till i watched it all the way through. oh boy. but its done.  Otherwise, i got a lot accomplished yesterday. vacuuming, fixing the vacuume when the screw fell out. did a small washing and charged up my laptop battery. Discovered my sort of new Bluray player wont connect to my wifi???  oh well.It also skips when playing back a video.This isn't even 2 years old!
ok, I'm off
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