October 13th, 2017


it's TGIF. YAY US!

That means we can have a whole 2 days of having fun and raking leaves and mowing the lawn in the rain.  YAY. IT's TGIF. Now on to the fun.  All diets are suspended till Monday. Eat away.
So, I'm trying to brighten today, because today is grocery day and I'm not sure what i want to get.  bssic stuff, sure, I know. But changing my main menu is difficult.  and one shouls not wait till there in the store to decide. Bad idea. You'll end up bring a bag or two of potato chips, cookies and yummy candy stuff. Not the stuff that makes for a good healthy meal.  I guess I'll just wait and see when i get there.
So for my Thursday night entertainment, I watched "Vampire Hunter D" and " Twighlight of the dark master".  These are old anime that I viewed on HBO or Cinemax. When they showed such fare.
ok, I'm off
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