October 12th, 2017


ah, here we are. Happy, cloudy Thursday.

Yup. just one more day till "Fantastic Weekend is upon us".  So today is get things ready for lower temperatures and wheel the carts back up. well,mine, and my neighbors.  I'm also going to do a small washing: tomorrow is grocery store day. Yay me.
For a trip down memory lane, i tried to watch "Vampire Hunter D" last night. this is an old anime, that must be at least 11 years old, if not older. I liked it then, and i like it now. Thank goodness a company in New York had one copy of the DVD in stock. YAY her!
I'm going to use Google earth and view my city. I know its' changed a lot, but i bet I'm going to be shocked anyway.
oh well.
ok, I'm off
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