September 18th, 2017

Boys be boys

Ok, so Fall officially starts this Wednesday , Hump day.

Well, it may officially start Wednesday, but fall is only apparent by looking at the few trees that have already turned color. "Whats our winter going to be like?"  Oodles of S.N.O.W.  YAY. followed by the sound of reindeer hoof on our roofs. YAY again.
It's nice to live in Never-Never land.
So  last ngiht my pal stopped by and he's going to try and fix my Cruifix: it caught on the shopping cart and pulled apart when i stood up.  Again.  I took him through the important paths in getting the famous Red sword. Man, they sure are tricky in their programing. Yay for Betheda software/ game studios.
So today, being cloudy Monday, is another lets be creative day.  Ideas ideas. I need to clean the cob webs out of my mind.  Not an easy task to do.
ok, I'm off
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