September 17th, 2017

Boys be boys

So if its so nice out, why am i feeling so down...

Cause, I'm remembering how most of my friends would stop by or call during the weekend or Sunday. Most of them have paaed away. Thats what you can expect if you live long enough. I'm not that old, but my friends just got sick or left us.  I'm down because i miss their voice telling me what has happened to them or their grandkids. ah......
Yesterday was a very successful day. I mowed the lawn and for the first time in a long long time, felt i had more energy than i've had in a long time.
Oops. I just had "Cat-On-The -Lap".  Quality time with the animal.
getting back to feeling much better and having more energy. the down side to that is i have 3 pairs of jeans that will fall off me if i sneeze.  but, that seems a good trade off to how i feel now. YAY me. I'll be ready for bikini time at Grand Haven........In December???
ok, I'm off
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