September 16th, 2017

Boys be boys

Happy Saturday is here and with it, possibly the last weekend of summer

Now that makes no sense. But they keep saying this is it. our last weekend of our nice summer. So whats next?  Bad fall? followed by awful winter?  " What dreams may come".
So i have a lot of yard work to do. and other play things. maybe Fallout 4. I just saved $50.00 or so at the grocery store. How? I just bought a lot less stuff. I left out candy and junk food. I did get a  lot of soup.  I like soup. some time this fall or winter. I also want to try "Apple Cabbage" stew. I only heard of it from playing my Skyrim RPG. But a neighbor actually loves it. time to google it.
ok, enjoy the beautiful weekend.
I'm off
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