September 10th, 2017

windows xp autumn

yes, boys and girls, autumn is begining ..

So, yes, some of the leaves in my backyard tree are turning color. But are not falling off.  Not yet. They will.
Yesterday was a surprize day. I had breakfast, then got a cell call to go out to lunch with my old swiming buddy and his wife. We ended up at Deny's. Wow, i next knew they got that busy on a Saturday morning. Had  a nice bowl of chedar cheese and broccoli soup. yum. So i ate twice within 3 hours. so much for reducing my intake.
Got other things finished too. So all in all, an ok day. oh, the waitress who usually serves us, stopped by to say hello and say she would see me thie coming Wednesday. I guess she thinks I'm still with the other club. I haven't been in over 3 years. But I may visit her this coming week. Maybe. No way to lose weight though.
So today is restful Sunday. maybe later, I'll mow the lawn. But i think just listening to music and maybe engaging "Skyrim" is also on the list. It's good to get your mind involved in solving puzzles.
ok, I'm off.
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