September 8th, 2017


It's "TGIF" and with it, Summer's return..

YAY. well, at least for a few days, weeks. Then...S.N.O.W.  YAY whoopee........
and they say wishes don't come true.  Now, where are those Reindeers flying across the sky....
Thank Goodness we live in Michigan. I'm totally flabergsahted with how to help those folks in Texas, Florida and much of the East coast.
But we have the whole weekend ahead of us and with it, the possibility of 4 more hurricanes.
Ok, the local front, I got my typing done and its being printed as i type this. Yay.
so lets cross our fingers and hope all the weather services are wrong: Irma will turn east into the Atlantic.
ok, I'm off
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