September 3rd, 2017

windows xp autumn

I know i'm a bit early, but fall is right around the old corner.

So I experienced lay back, be lazy Saturday.  and it felt wasteful. So much for that. resting up and pondering life is one thing, but just to do nothing isn't too hot. Now, on to Sunday. got a few things to plan on and oodles of reading to do. No, not good material, just paper work.  This was the second day in a row that 1.the furnace poped on and 2. the cat and I slept in. YAY us.
I'm now concerned about getting the tree debris removed. It is slowly shrinking. But its oh so nice to have the tree down. Treeworks did a fantastic job. From pulling up to leaving, one hour.and they cleaned up all the junk. Great job.
ok, I'm off