August 29th, 2017

Vidal two

Nice Monday night company. My pal showed up with his new car.

Finally, a car with plenty of leg room and you can easierly get in and out without lifting your legs!  Neat car.  I also visited my neighbor and her kissing dog, Sophia.  It's nice to be welcomed by a jumping up and dancing dog. then wagging her tail because she's happy to see you. Then comes the licking of the face. So far, my cat hasn't complained. so far.
I had a weird dream last night. I actually thought I had slept in till 10:45AM today. That was my dram? I hurried up and got out of bed only to find that it was just 8AM!!  some dream!
oodles to get done. got to quit staring at blank page. There's nothing there till I bring it to life!
and I dream I'm asleep???  Ok.
I'm off