August 25th, 2017


It's TGIF and that means "Cartoon Saturdays". Well it would if they had somd

decent Toons on. So I'll just remember when Ruff and Ready were on,  and Popeye.  Oh, don't forget "Thunder The Baririan".  oh well.
Today is COLD Friday! and how!  the furnace kicing on woke me up and then the cold, 47 degrees kept me up till the heat warmed things up. The i slept in till 10AM YAY ME. I needed it after the cat got me up at 6AM the last couple of days. yuck.
Last night i was helping my neighbor look for her cel phone. We didn't find it because it wasn't really lost, just forgotten. It's safe and sound with oodles of my messages on it: voice and text.
So here we are, kids mostly back to school, high school football games starting up. Now just 4 weeks more, and maybe, the leaves will change?
I'm off