August 19th, 2017


summer session is in going: and here is our teacher: Mr.Bumpy!``

Well, he's nice and green to look at.  I think, maybe, just maybe, I found "a problem" with my PS-3.  Maybe. the DVD dish had a smear on it. Now how did that happen? But its still not working like it should. it would normally take me a couple of day sessions to defeat Alduin. Now i did it in 5 hours!  And now i read Sony is actually planing on a PS-5! oh boy.
But so what. Today i have oodles to do, yard work. yes, after one whole week the lawn needs mowing?? and some plants have grew  till i have to cut them down. if it aint one thing.
But its a beautiful day and start to the weekend. Yay all of us.
I'm off