August 15th, 2017

Boys be boys

Busy Monday. Sure got a lot accomplished yesterday.

from dawn to dust, everything seemed to fall into place. A great day. Greater friends! I haven't talked with so many neighbors as i did yesterday. and it felt good. I gave my neighbor my new cane i purchased several months ago ( I really didn't think it worked too well for me).  Went with my neighbor up to the fresh fruit market place, Kingmans and got a bunch of bananas.  It was just a swell day.
Then last night, i heard Jimmy Kimmel give the best opening speech of his life. it came right from his heart and you could feel that in his voice.
Evil is evil.  "WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT".
Now it's finish the newsletter and then look for a counter top. if it aint one thing.....
I'm off