August 13th, 2017


ah, another sleepy time Sunday....with the cat.

cozying up with the cat.  But I'm a dog person you say. Specially Samoyed pooches. Your right. But the cat took an instant liking to me. I couldn't refuse.  He's good at keeping me warm during cold nights.
time to read the Sunday funnies. Yay. atleast something is amusing during the weekend, because it sure isn't on TV. Wow, these poor kids now days. No Bufalo Bill, no popeye, ect ect. oh, and don'r forget the three stoodges. YAY. yuck yuck yuck.
oh well. But that was our world. This is theirs. I hope it helps them see the funny side to life events. I hope.
ok, back to my reading.
I'm off