August 11th, 2017


Yes its Birdymighty. about time too.

well, now that was a nice, early spring, in August rain. nice,soft and cleaning.  Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll get it today too.  Hey, Its TGIF. YAY. we made it.  now we have the WHOLE weekend ahead of us. What to do????
You'll think of something, I'm sure. Remember, school starts for some children this month. YAY. Jumps on table and does a happy dance.  I'm not sure why, most of the kids around here are pre-school age.  But yesterday made up for it. Got oodles accomplished. rolled back the carts and washed them out. fed a bird, got a new kichen cabinet and updated my Dr.s appointment. So today is........yeah.
ok, I'm off