July 29th, 2017

Boys be boys

ah, the last Saturday in July

so here we are, less than 90 days from cooler weather and falling leaves.  Time sure is flying now. Thank goodness the nasty heat and high dew points have taken a break.  Today is quietly sawing and filling yard waste carts. hopefully, the last time I'll need to use two of them.
I'm still out of large business security envelopes. and my return address labels almost ran out. so when i went to reorder them, of course, they didn't have the same design. so pick a new one out.  Today is also get off the band wagon and get the banner for the newletter done. I'm stuck. mainly due to not knowing enought about the new club I'm in. it'll take time.
But, this is cartoon Saturday. what, did you all forget already? shame on you. now go sit in front of the TV and eat breakfast cereal and make a mess on the floor. I warn you, you'll have to clean it up yourself this time.
I'm off