July 26th, 2017

Yogi pointing

Thats a picture of my Samoyed dog, Yogi. I miss hiim a lot.

he was a really character and had oodles of personality.  now days, I'm completely happy with Scooter the cat. ( and he seems to like me a lot too).
so today is move a lot of carts out to the curb and saw some more branches and fill another cart. "Will this ever be over with?"
My audio-video pal stopped over last night to look at my AV receiver: it quit working last Saturday. well, he just kneeled down, and pressed the speaker on button, which i didn't even know was there, and it worked find. The aledged button is about as wide as the edge of your fingernail. and the printing even smaller. and they wonder why i have trouble!
today is going to be a busy day.
I'm off