July 24th, 2017


to celebrate a LJ friend, I put processors icon she made for me up today.

It's really great Monday. Sure beats the nasty weekend. last night, i dropped a whole carton of french onion dip on the kitchen floor. yes, it spilled! then my Sony AV receiver died Saturday, just short of the warrenty period.  But even so-so weekends have good moments too: i fit into my new jeans! Yay.
So today is a nice quiet day.  My neighbor brought me over a carton of blue berries, yum. Still looking for the envelopes. I can't believe they sold out on those rascals! Today, i will drop off a package for UPS. finally.
and did i mention yawning.  yes, when we finally get rid of really hot and humid weather, my body relaxes and i get all tired and sleepy. todays the day.
Ok, off to sleepy land or work.
I'm off.