July 8th, 2017


the humidity lessened. YAY.

i SLEPT like a baby. in fact scooter the cat and i slept in till 8:34AM. WOW.  I almost wasted the whole day??  Busy Friday. bank, then grocery shopping then hitching a ride to the club meeting. then we went out for dinner. i was one hungry dude.  Denny's changed their menu. and for the better.   I really can't sleep very restful when the humidity is high. just can't get comfortable and the cat can't either. makes for a not so restful night. But last night was ok.
today, no idea.  i just spent time paying bills. I hate that. think of all the toys i could get if i didn't have to pay bills! oh well..
still trying to think of a new PS-3 game to try. the Skyrim world is getting me down. i think there is some glicth in the software. things are happening that shouldn't be happening.
oh well  got oodles to keep me busy with the club stuff.
I'm off