June 13th, 2017


it's glorious "TUESDAY"

and it's hot. hotter than it should be at this time of year. and no rain in sight. but, maybe stormy weather??
I'm already tired of staying in the AC bedroom.  and me only with a CAT. oh well. atlease the cat is nice to hold.
And, I did get a lot done yesterday on the newsletter. it's been a while, but it is slowly coming back to me. Now if only the cat would let me sleep in beyond 7AM. ( of course, he goes right back to bed again. the nerve!).
I got a request to deliver a Hersey chocolate bar to my neighbor. I got her one, but she thinks she will gain 100 lbs with one bar?? Girl thinking??
So, after a hard day of school teaching and wheelbarrowing, she asked if i still had it.  You see, chocolate bars have a mysterious way of dissappearing arounf here. but, no, i still had it. So....in 90 plus degree temps, i walked to her house only to discover that the Hersey bar was slowing turning into Hersey syrup......But she got it in time.. Yum yum.
me? I went back home and had a nice bottle of ICE COLD Water. yummy. or hot coffee. yummier.
Ok, I'm off