June 12th, 2017


it's hot, special, 90 degree and a typical Summer Monday. .

Wow, 81 degrees at 1AM?  and I still didn't get the back yard picked up and then mowed. I'm a bad, lazy boy, i guess. It will get done and this week too.
I did something different last night. I listened to music from my teenage years.  Phil Collins, Led Zepplin, The Mama's and Papa's, Super tramp, george harrison,  emerson, lake and palmer. Man, did that ever bring back great memories.  John Denvers' Take me home country road. I hear that the very first time it got air play. I was driving my brand new Dodge Charger 500 on the Pensvania trumpike. What a kick.
The moody blues....ah.....
ok, I'm off ( to dream land)