June 4th, 2017


So if this is the weekend, where in the world are the Saturday morning

cartoons??  I can' find Bullinkle and Rocky, or Ruff and Ready???  SOme weekend cartoon shows.  I guess I'll have to make do by holding the cat.
Well i  finally did it. Yup. I replaced the vacuum clear bag and belt.  wow, that was one dirty mess. i almost torn my hand off putting the belt on. but it waw worth it.
then i took a bath and watched the last half of "What dreams may come" with Robin Willliams. now that was sad.
Did you know that yesterday was the 50th anniversity of when "Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play?""  Wow, now that brough oodles of great memories back.When your a teenage in a historic music moment, it will last you all your life.
I saw the band start to play.....oh boy.