June 3rd, 2017

Geneshalf all anim

if you can't get out to a lake, a sauna is the best next thing to go to.

Yes, it's Saturday. a nice, quiet day before the rain may come later tonight.  Yesterday was answer the phone day. this was the most the phone has rang in over a whole year. and all from people i care about.  I even had the pizza dude stop and chat with me.  Life is good.
So now June is here, next up, Halloween????  jusr kidding. the 4th of July but before that, the summer equitnox. june 23?  hard to believe we're almost at the half way point in this season. Well almost time for rgal academy. yay. atlease one cartoon is on that i like.
oh, and boomer rang is back on too.
ok, enjoy the weekend.
I'm off