May 30th, 2017


after a long Memorial day weekend, one should "sleep in"

or take a lot of small cat naps. For some reason, I can not sleep in beyond 8:12AM. and i would really like to, at lease a few times a month.  But no, my alarm cat has other ideas.  Like me fixing his breakfast and then scraching him while telling him how majestic he is. The cats life.
So here we are, next to the last day of May. June, and the Art's Festival is right around the corner. as is 2 or 3 weeks from now when we have the summer equinox. Then, down hill till Christmas.  It's an never ending cycle. I love it.  I think Papa Johns is rewarding me by puting Cheeseburger pizza back on the menu. If you haven't had that, try it. It is the closet thing to a Kit-Kat cheeseburger your going to get.
Ok, I'm off  ( my rocker)