May 12th, 2017


Hey, It's TGIF!!

That means, the weekend is fast approching us. YAY.  We can all  Lay out and get the first tan of the season ( pick up the winters debre) , clean up the back yard ( rake and mow the front yard) and relax and fill in your favorite show) get tired and hold the cat. is good.
Now, no more shoveling snow, or putting de-icer on everything. it's late spring and early early summer.
So how come i had problems sleeping last night. even the cat couldn't sleep in today. oh well.
today is grocery day and tomorrow is put food out for the mailmans food drive. Every Mothers day they do that, and just about every Mothers day i put food out. It was easier  when Meijer allowed me to order on the internet. oh well. times change.
enjoy the weekend.
I'm off