May 10th, 2017


well, Mr.Bumpy did help me out yesterday, but he ate my socks too.

Now his is pleasent Wednesday.  I guess i've put it off long enough: have to charge the lawn mower battery.  or call Hoffactor.  For some strange reason, i feel much better today. funny how arthritis works.  I also got a surprize yesterday. I was wondering why I bought so much soup when it was on sale. Now i know. This saturday is the mailman's food drive. they hold it every Mother's day, or close to it. Now I already have stuff to put in the box.  Strange how things work out.  I was still thinking about getting a Kindle to read stuff by. the off, would be George Orwells "1984". But I decided, heck, I'm almost living that now.
I was looking at Final Fantasy some number, might just give that a go.
ok, work is calling.
I'm off