May 9th, 2017


There, I've invited Mr.Bumpy to help me compose an Obituary.

should be interesting.  the little green dude knows, if he takes time out from eating socks, that is. The guy was Gary Springfield, a local Amateur Radio operator. he passed away a while ago, and i didn't know about it. so, I'll write up an obit for him so we can post it on the web site.
So today is busy Tuesday. writing to do and check with the mailman about the mothers day food collection. they have this every year and so far, I' given them a case of food.  It's for Mother's day after all.
but i Hven't heard anything about it yet. has it changed?
So, time to check out a new PS-3 game, any suggestions?? I could use some.
and congratulations for the people of Franch on their recent election. Bravo!
I'm off