April 23rd, 2017


I needed help with creating a new and vastly improved web page design, so....

I called on the professional himself, Mr.Bumpy. I bet you'll see a new design very shortly.  Mayby....
we're into day two of the best 2 days of spring. 70 degrees both days and only a few clouds and no rain.  It's times like this i wish i had a samoyed so he / she could pull me for a walk. and stop at every aroma that exists in the neighborhood.
i've got only a few things to do today, like help my friend understand the workings and how to play "SKyRim".   I actually bought a PS-3 just so i could play Skyrim. and for the last 3 years or so, thtas the only game that i played. or should i say, got involved with.  ( hint " make your characters females. the males are whimps!
So off i go. enjoy but stay out of the 45 degree water.
I'm off